How Inflation is Sneaking into Your Wallet

Inflation causes insurance and reinsurance rates to go up by the day. It is hard on insurance companies when it comes to the pricing of products and selling to their clients. Insurers have to adjust their premium pricing as inflation increases or else they will not be able to cover their costs as an agency and remain profitable. This could lead to the loss of clients if the premium pricing goes up too high. Inflation also contributes to the dissatisfaction of customers.

Inflation negatively affects everyone involved. Inflation impacts the client by increasing premiums, reducing coverage and benefits, increasing deductibles, and reducing the value of claims payments. Inflation can cause customers to have to reduce their coverage levels or even cancel their policies in some cases. Inflation can cause a lot of stress and anxiety to someone who is looking to insure their business, their home, or themselves. 

Insurance agencies like Priority Risk Management, help their clients in times of need. Priority Risk Management is all about giving back to the community. They have donated to different nonprofits to help show their support for people in crisis. One nonprofit they have donated to is Fueled for School. This nonprofit helps give back to the community by teachers making boxed lunches for students who are unable to get meals when school is not in session. Priority Risk Management has donated money to this nonprofit in Noblesville, Indiana, and continues to help it grow to make a difference. 

There are ways to still have affordable insurance coverage when times get rough due to inflation. Trying to find the right insurance company and reasonably priced premiums can be stressful. There are six easy ways to help you find affordable insurance coverage during these times of high inflation. 

6 Ways to Find Affordable Coverage:

  1. Shop around for insurance: Policyholders should compare insurance quotes from different insurance companies to find the most affordable rates. It’s important to note that the cheapest policy may not always be the best option, as it may not provide adequate coverage.
  2. Consider increasing deductibles: Policyholders can lower their premiums by increasing their deductibles, which is the amount they have to pay out of pocket before their insurance coverage kicks in. However, policyholders should only choose a deductible that they can afford to pay in case of a loss.
  3. Maintain a good credit score: Policyholders with a good credit score may be eligible for lower insurance rates, as they are seen as less risky to insurers. Having a good credit score will show policyholders that you are a trustworthy client and will make the insurance process a lot easier. 
  4. Bundle policies: Insurers may offer discounts to policyholders who bundle multiple insurance policies, such as home and auto insurance.
  5. Work with a trusted insurance agent: A knowledgeable insurance agent can help policyholders find the most affordable insurance coverage for their needs. Having a trusted insurance agent allows for a safer and easier way to help navigate and protect your life in the most efficient way possible. 
  6. Consider inflation protection riders: Some insurance policies offer inflation protection riders that can help offset the impact of inflation on insurance rates over time.

By taking these steps, you will be able to find the most affordable coverage and by working with a trusted insurance agency, like Priority Risk Management, policyholders can help minimize the impact of inflation on your insurance rates. PRM is an agency that cares and wants you to know that they are here to give back to the community and to help their clients when it comes to crisis points in their lives. Let Priority Risk Management help you protect your life and your loved ones. 

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